Assigning Shipment Category & Description

When creating a shipment you are required to enter the correct Category and Description of your item(s). 


We provide a list of categories for goods declaration when you ship through Easyship. You will find that the list contains the major product categories. The declared category is used for both the customs declaration documents and the customs clearance process, so be sure to select the category that best fits your items/products.

Please be aware that incorrectly declaring your shipment is prohibited and may cause your shipment to get stuck in customs requiring a new commercial invoice and may in severe cases, be subject to additional charges and/or fees. 

Select Shipment Category


The item description describes your product type, material, and/or purpose. For example, if your package contains clothing, you should describe it as 'women's cotton t-shirt,' rather than just 'shirt'. 

Please avoid entering your internal codes or abbreviations, as the description should be clear and easily understood. 

As the item description will be used for customs documents and checked during the clearance process, it is important that you enter specific and accurate information for faster processing.

Note that in certain countries, there may be added customs charges due to extended processing times for invalid descriptions. 


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