Add/Edit Shipping or Billing Address

If you ship from more than one address, or simply need to add a new address for a single shipment you will first need to add the address to your Easyship account. Note that the 'Shipping Address' in the Addresses section refers to the address that you will be shipping from. In this article, we will show you how to add and edit the addresses associated with your Easyship Account. 

Adding/Editing Shipping or Billing Address in Your Easyship Account

Step 1.

Navigate to the 'Account>Addresses' section on the left-hand column in the Easyship dashboard

Addresses Functionality in the Easyship Dashboard

Step 2.

From here you can add or edit a new shipping address or edit your billing address. To change simply click the "Edit" button in the right-hand corner. 

Edit Shipping or Billing Address

To add a new address, click on the 'Add new shipping address' button at the bottom of the page. 

Add New Shipping Address Button

Step 3. 

Type in the new address details and then click the 'Add Address' button. 

New Shipping Address Example

You should now know how to edit all the addresses associated with your account and add new shipping addresses as needed. 

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