Understanding Shipment Tracking Statuses

At the bottom of your Easyship Dashboard, you can find a list of Real-time Shipment Statuses, the total shipments in progress and where they are in their journey. 

Real-time Shipment Statuses in the Easyship Dashboard

Label Pending - A label is pending, this means that the label has not been generated yet

Label Generated - A label has been generated, the next step is to schedule a drop-off or pickup

Drop Off Scheduled - A Parcel is scheduled to be dropped off at the designated location

Pickup In Progress - A Courier is in the progress of picking up your parcel from the pickup location

Pending Tracking Event - This means that the parcel is in transit and waiting to be scanned at the first tracking point

Tracking Info Received - This status is that we have received information that the parcel is in transit to the next destination

In Transit - Your parcel is in transit and we are waiting for it to arrive at its destination

Out For Delivery - The parcel has arrived at the destination and is out for delivery

Failed Delivery Attempts - The courier was unable to deliver the parcel

ExceptionsThe parcel is in Customs/Warehouse pending update on documentation or investigation

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