How to Cancel A Shipment (inc Bulk Cancel)

Before trying to cancel an order on your Easyship dashboard, you should know that you can only cancel shipments that are not yet in transit i.e. orders that haven't been picked up or dropped off.

Also, if you are using an Easyship integrated warehouse:

  • You will need to contact support to cancel a rejected or pending label
  • If a label was generated, you will need to:
    1. Contact the warehouse, to ensure that the order in question is not being processed for pick & pack
    2. Request that the warehouse cancels the order in their system. If it does not show as canceled 24 hours after it has been requested, contact support.

If you are not using an Easyship integrated warehouse, you will be able to cancel the shipment even when a label was generated as long as it has not been shipped, you can now do this on an individual basis or in bulk.

Cancel a shipment

When you need to cancel a shipment, go to 'Manage Shipments'>'All' and select 'Details' for the shipment you wish to cancel. 

Shipment Cancellation

Select 'Cancel Shipment' and confirm the cancellation, you will receive information in the pop up about the type of refund you will receive, based on the label status. This pop up will also advise if the shipment cannot be cancelled.


Bulk cancellation

You can also cancel multiple shipments in bulk, by selecting the check box next to the shipment you wish to cancel, then heading to ACTIONS and selecting Cancel Shipments


You will receive a message as shown below, explaining what kind of shipments you are cancelling and the effects this will have on your account in terms of refunds. The same rules continue to apply regarding shipment statuses that can and cannot be cancelled. 

At this point, you can choose whether to confirm or abort the cancellation.


Once you confirm, you will see the shipments Cancelling and then a message will pop up to confirm this has been done successfully, you can then refresh to see the updated shipments.




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