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Easyship's courier partners provide different tracking visibility depending on the service selected. The tracking type is determined by the number of events that the courier registers during the shipment and the frequency of tracking updates vary from courier to courier. In this article, we will explain the different levels of tracking service that is offered and what to expect from these services. 

Shipment Tracking Review

Easyship Shipment Tracking Review

  • Excellent: Excellent tracking covers all the steps of transit (from pick-up, to arrival/departure at customs, to the delivery at the final destination) allowing you to closely monitor your parcel while reducing the risk of loss or return. An example of excellent tracking is UPS.


  • Regular: Door-to-Door tracking that covers major milestones or events along the way whenever the parcel is scanned. This is the most common type of tracking available with regular Postal Services. An example of regular tracking is TNT


  • Basic: Much less detailed than Regular tracking. Expect to be notified of only two events: the departure of your parcel (usually a notice that it's been picked up or dropped off) and the arrival. You won't have any updates on your parcel while it is in transit and you will not be informed of any intermediate events that occur between the origin and destination. With basic tracking, neither the Courier nor Easyship will be able to provide any additional information between scans. An example of basic tracking is Yamato.


  • Limited: Refers to all the services that, besides registering some tracking updates during the transit, will not provide any confirmation that the parcel has reached the receiver's address. Coverage ends before the shipment has been handed over to the destination postal service, meaning that the last tracking event could be the arrival at customs. It may not tell you when the package was dispatched at the destination country, or what day and time it was delivered to the destination address. Please note that very few couriers with limited tracking provide liability or insurance for lost parcels. An example of limited tracking is DHL eCommerce


  • No tracking: You will not receive any tracking number or updates on your parcel's journey. For No tracking, there is no investigation or claim that can be made in case the shipment does not arrive within the expected delivery time.

Easyship always works with its partners to provide the latest updates directly on its dashboard or via its tracking pages. If it seems that your shipment has not updated in a while, please try to track your parcel directly on the couriers tracking page with their tracking number as there may be a delay in publishing the update on Easyship. 

You should now understand the different tracking services that are available through Easyship's courier partners and what to expect when you choose a specific tracking service. 


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