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You may want to automate your shipping process so that all of your shipments or shipments that meet certain criteria will automatically have certain actions applied to them. This where Easyship's 'Shipping Rules' feature comes in handy. The 'Shipping Rules' feature will allow you to automate several aspects of your checkout and create a shipment process. In this article, we will show you how to create shipping rules from the Easyship dashboard. 

What we'll cover

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Conditions and Actions

Shipping rules are composed of a 'condition' and an 'action'. The condition is what detail your shipment must satisfy in order for the shipping rule to apply to it. The action is what you would like Easyship to do with all shipments that meet the criteria specified in the corresponding condition


  • Store or Platform is:

    All shipments created from this store will have the corresponding action applied to it.

  • Destination Country is:

    All shipments created to this country will have the corresponding action applied to it.

  • Contains the Category:

    All shipments that contain an item in this category will have the corresponding action applied to it.

  • Selling price is:

    All shipments of the specified value will have the corresponding action applied to it.

  • All Shipments (Always applies):

    All your shipments will have the corresponding action applied to it.

  • Number of items is:

    All shipments that contain the specified amount of items will have the corresponding action applied to it.

  • Shipment weight is:

    All shipments weighing the specified amount will have the corresponding action applied to it.

  • Order tag is:
    When tagging orders on your store, tags will sync to the Easyship dashboard so that you can identify and automate these shipments to your liking. 
  • Buyer-selected shipping option at checkout
    If you do not use our plugin and have other rates available for your customers to select at checkout, you can enter the rate as a condition on Easyship. E.G "Standard" or "Express".


  • Sort Couriers By:

    Here you can choose which Easyship picks will be displayed as the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd courier option.

  • Taxes & Duties:

    Choose who will be responsible for any import fees associated with the shipment (sender or receiver).

  • Insurance:
    You can choose to always add insurance to your shipments or to never add insurance.

  • Residential Surcharge:
    You can choose to always add the residential address fee or to never add the residential address fee.

  • Prefer this courier: Setup a courier preference that will be automatically prioritized above any other courier options when you manually create a shipment from your Dashboard

  • Never use this courier:
    There may be some couriers that you would not like to offer as a shipping option. You can exclude them here.

  • Use Courier With Tracking:
    You can choose to only show couriers that provide a certain level of tracking services.

  • Use Package:
    Automate which custom box sizes will be used for your shipments.

  • Never use Package:

    Automate which custom box sizes will never be used for your shipments.


Configuring a New Shipping Rule

Step 1. 

Navigate to the 'Shipping Rules' section by locating it in the 'Settings' section of the Easyship Dashboard and click on the 'Add Shipping Rule' button.


Step 2.

Now let's create a shipping rule that will always apply residential address fees to all shipments going to the United States.

Choose a condition and click the 'Save Condition' button.


Step 3.

Choose an action and click the 'Save Action' button.


Step 4.

Now you can click the 'Create' button to apply your shipping rule to your Easyship account.



Here's another example of a useful shipping rule. This rule will make sure that insurance is applied to every shipment created with this account:


We now have 2 shipping rules set up on this account which will help streamline our shipping process!


Shipping Rules Priority

When you have multiple shipping rules set up on your Easyship account they will be prioritized from top to bottom. So the #1 rule will be prioritized over the #2 rule and so on and so forth.



In the above example we have 2 conflicting shipping rules:

  1. We only want to see couriers that offer 'Excellent' tracking for all of our shipments

  2. We want all our shipments to France to use DHL eCommerce

Our 'All shipments to France' shipping rule is useless if the 'All Shipments - Excellent Tracking' rule is prioritized because DHL eCommerce does not fall under the 'Excellent' tracking rating.

If we want to make sure that all our shipments use 'Excellent' tracking, except for shipments to France where we prefer DHL eCommerce, we should prioritize our 'All shipments to France' shipping rule by dragging it into the #1 position like so:



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