FedEx Shipping Rates 2022

Many ask: Will FedEx Shipping Rates change in 2022? The short answer is; yes - on average the rates will increase by 5.9% year over year

FedEx Rates Increases as of Jan 3rd, 2022 

If you are reading this article, rates have already increased from 2021. The average increase is 5.9% in express, freight, and ground services. 

You can easily view the 2022 FedEx Express and FedEx Ground rates here

How This Compares to Others

FedEx is not the only one in the shipping space that has increased rates, in fact, every courier and postal service that we've analyzed in the USA has increased its rate outlook for the year due to a variety of factors including but not limited to: Supply chain constraints, increase in fuel cost estimates for the year, higher employment costs, and generally high year over year inflation. 

USPS has increased most rates of its services for the year. 

UPS, like FedEx, is also increasing its rates by 5.9%, respectively. Alongside DHL Express, with the exact same average percentage increase. 




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