Why Are My Packages Delayed

When shipping packages, delays will inevitably occur, and oftentimes it is hard to obtain updates. This article answers common questions that you or your customer may have. 

How late can packages be?

Shipments may be delivered up to 90 days past the expected delivery date in extreme scenarios. However, 30 days after, you should file an insurance claim in case the parcel is lost.

Why was my package delivered late?

There are many reasons why shipments can be delivered late, often looking through the tracking can help you identify why/where a package is being delayed. A few common reasons are:

  • Customs Delay 

It is best for the receiver to contact the courier and request an update, often they are awaiting payment or customs documents to be signed in order to release the package. 

  • Failed Delivery Attempts

The courier has been unsuccessful at delivering the shipment and cannot communicate with the receiver. Ensure the courier is contacted and a pickup/delivery is arranged before the shipment is returned. 

  • Storms/Environmental Hazards

Though rare, sometimes checking the destination news can help you piece the puzzle together. Shipments rely on transport that is easily affected by their surroundings. A small environmental hazard can delay shipments, creating a backlog that can take many weeks to clear. 

  • Corrupted Label

Labels are usually printed on thermal or A4 paper, both are susceptible to damage and the courier will be forced to set aside the shipment for relabelling. 

  • Damaged Box

When boxes are damaged in transit and are no longer fit for transportation, they may have to be repackaged which may not occur immediately and can certainly cause delays. 

What happens if a package is delivered late?

Delivery lead times (DLTs) are often perceived as guarantees instead of estimates compiled by average transit time. Most courier services do not guarantee a specific time frame and those that do cost a pretty penny. 

You can usually identify if a shipment service is guaranteed to be delivered within a certain time frame based on the service name indicating a specific time, "FedEx Overnight", "UPS 2Day", "FedEx Sameday". If you want to file a claim on such a service through Easyship, contact our support team and we'll coordinate the refund with the courier on your behalf. 

If the service doesn't provide a guaranteed delivery time, there is not much that can be done from a liability standpoint, however, you may block particular services that you've observed to be slower in your shipping rules

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