Connect your Walmart Store

Learn how to connect your Walmart US account to Easyship to fulfill your Walmart Marketplace e-commerce orders! As of now, Easyship only supports Walmart US account connections.

About this Integration

With Walmart connected to Easyship, you will be able to:

  • Sync orders directly from your store and customize sync criteria
  • Download products directly.
  • Automatically mark orders as fulfilled when a label is generated. The tracking number will sync to the order profile. 


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Before We Get Started

To successfully connect your Walmart store to the Easyship platform, you will need to have an active Walmart US Seller account. Only US-based accounts can be connected. 

Connecting Your Walmart Store to Easyship

Step 1: Navigate to Connect > New Integration. From the list of Easyship integrations, select the Walmart logo.




Step 2:  In the form that pops up, you’ll need to fill in the Client ID and Client Secret values from your Walmart account. Follow the instructions in this Walmart knowledge base article on how to Generate an API Key.


When generating a key for Easyship, please make sure to grant Full Access to the “Item Management”, “Order Management”, "Account Profile", and “Fulfillment” scopes. Copy and paste the Client ID and Secret from your account and paste them into the connect form pictured below in the Easyship platform.


The “Store Name” value is up to you - enter in any name to help you identify this store connection in your Easyship account.

mceclip0 (1).png


Step 3: On the lower half of the form, fill in default information and click “Connect” to finish the store connection process. 




Step 4: Congratulations, your Walmart store is connected! You can adjust your Order Sync settings, such as "Sync Window", "Auto-Sync", “Sync Statuses”, and "Excluded Countries" from your store settings page.



NOTE: Make sure to review your “Include orders by status” settings, to ensure that the expected orders are syncing from your Walmart account. We will only sync orders in “Acknowledged” status by default, but you can update this setting to include “Created” status orders (unacknowledged) from your Walmart store as well.

Other Important Notes about the Integration

Acknowledging Orders

By default, Easyship will only sync “Acknowledged” status orders from your Walmart account. However, you may choose to also sync “Created” status orders by modifying the “Include orders by status” setting in your connected Walmart store > Store Settings > Order Sync section. 


If a Walmart order is in “Created” status (unacknowledged) when it is synced to Easyship, we will attempt to Acknowledge it only AFTER a label is purchased for that shipment in the Easyship platform. If the order has already been Acknowledged in the Walmart account by the time the label is purchased in the Easyship platform, we will skip the Acknowledge step and proceed to mark it as Shipped.


To only sync “Acknowledged” orders, go to your connected Walmart store > Store Settings > Order Sync section, and make sure the “Include orders by status” only includes “Acknowledged”.

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