Connect your SkuVault Account

This article will explain, step by step, how to connect your SkuVault Ecommerce Inventory Management Software.

Connect your SkuVault 

Step 1: In Easyship, go to Connect > New Integration. Click “SkuVault” logo. 

Step 2: Enter a name for the integration. Click “Connect”. An Access Token will be generated. 

Step 3: In SkuVault, go to Admin > Channel Accounts. Select “Easyship” from the dropdown and click “Create New Account”.

Step 4: Add a name for the Channel Account, and paste in the Access Token copied from Easyship.

Step 5: Toggle on “Order Sync Mode” and “Print Shipping Labels”, then click “Create New Easyship Account” to save. 

NOTE: Allowing printing of incomplete orders lets the label be printed before the items have been picked or if there is no stock.

Step 6: After successfully fetching shipments from Easyship, the “Order Sync” status will show a green “Sync Status”. 

Step 7: In SkuVault, you can view the synced shipments from Easyship in the Sales > View Sales list. 

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