Multileg Labels and Hybrid Solutions Explained

Hybrid / Multi Leg shipments allow users to access economic services that typically aren't available for most small/medium businesses. By involving first-mile postal services and consolidation centers, Easyship has opened up these solutions to everybody. This article will outline how they work and the solutions we offer. 

How Hybrid Shipments Work

First Leg: The first leg of a Hybrid Shipment is serviced by a local postal provider. There will be a domestic address on the label. 

Consolidation: Once the first leg of the journey is complete, the shipment is processed at one of Easyship's trusted Consolidation Centers. Processing takes 1-3 days. The parcel will then be handed over to the courier initially selected. 

Journey to Destination: The shipment will transit to the destination country, pass through customs, and transfer to a local postal service or final mile delivery partner.

Final Mile: The last mile of transit involves delivering the parcel to the customer's door. If delivery fails, it may be held for pick up at a local post office or returned. 

Hybrid Solutions on Easyship

DHL eCommerce

DHL eCommerce services on Easyship are a great way to ship your products internationally for a cheap cost. They are known for being reliable and are a trusted shipping partner for parcels destined to any country. 

Aramex US

Aramex is a logistics company that's been in operation since 1982. They offer reliable and affordable services to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Africa based in the Middle East.

39% of shipments at Easyship use Aramex to deliver to the Middle East.

SF Express US

SF Express is a courier company based in Shenzhen, China. For 25 years, they've been offering express courier services to China and other Asian destinations.

51% of our shipments to China are sent using SF Express.


SkyPostal is a courier company based in Doral, Florida. The company has been around since 2001, and before its founding, the family owners had over 35 years of experience in logistics.

As they have the largest private postal network in Latin America, they focus their service there, in addition to the Caribbean and Mexico.

Flat Export

Flat Export offers some of the most competitive prices for international shipments on Easyship. It is known as a cheaper alternative to USPS First Class International. 

FedEx Cross Border

FedEx Cross Border is an international solution tailored to e-commerce merchants needing a reliable and economical courier for their international orders. Like many hybrid services, local postal solutions in destination countries are leveraged to conduct the final mile of delivery.


Benefits and Limitations 


  • Cost-effective
  • Reliable
  • Low brokerage fees
  • Low return fees if delivery fails


  • Slower transit times
  • No support during transit
  • No liability (please purchase insurance)


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