USPS Weight Limit Per Shipping Service

In this article, we will break down the weight limits of popular USPS services on our platform to save you time searching. The maximum USPS accepts for mailable parcels is 70 lbs (31 kg), but it can be a lot lower, depending on the service. 


USPS Service Weight limit
USPS - First Class 1 lb
USPS - First Class International 4 lbs
USPS - Priority Mail 70 lbs
USPS - Priority Mail Express 70 lbs
USPS - Priority Mail International 70 lbs
USPS - Priority Mail Express International 70 lbs
USPS - Parcel Select 70 lbs
USPS - Flat Rate Priority Mail International - Large 20 lbs
4 lbs


For more information on USPS weight limits, we suggest visiting the USPS Sending Packages page.

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