DHL Weight Limit Per Shipping Service

In this article, we will break down DHL weight limits per service available on Easyship to save you time looking elsewhere. Generally, all DHL parcels have a weight limit of 154 lbs (70 kg).


DHL Service Weight Limit (lbs)
DHL - Documents 0.6 lbs
DHL - Economy Select 154 lbs
DHL - Express Worldwide 154 lbs
DHL - Express 12:00 International 66 lbs
DHL - Express 10:30 International 66 lbs
DHL - Express 09:00 International 66 lbs
DHL - Domestic Express 110 lbs
DHL - Domestic Express 1200 110 lbs
DHL- Express Worldwide EEI

154 lbs


For more information on general DHL Weight limits, please refer to the DHL Weight and Dimensions sheet. 

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