Own Courier Account Labelling Fees

This article describes the labelling fees Easyship charges. 

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What Are Labelling Fees? 

We will charge a fixed fee for every label that you generate using your own courier account(s). The amount of this fee will depend on your subscription plan.

You can check your current subscription plan here.

Please note that this fee does not apply to labels generated using Easyship's courier rates, which are provided to you at no additional cost.

How Will I Be Charged?

You will receive an invoice on the first day of every month for the labels generated in the previous month. The invoice amount will be charged on the Friday following the invoice date.

For instance, if you generate labels between March 1st and March 31st, you will receive an invoice for them on April 1st. The invoice amount will then be charged on the following Friday.

Is There a Difference in Labelling Fees for Different Courier Services?

No, all couriers have the same fee as per your subscription plan. 



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