How to Refund Credit to Your Account or Method of Payment

This article describes how to refund credit to your account and also directly to your method of payment. 

Typically, any refund on a shipment, subscription fee, or any other type of credit, will be credited to your Easyship account balance.

If you wish to refund the credit directly to your MOP (Method of Payment) please follow these steps;

How to Refund the Account Balance

Step 1: Navigate to Account > Payment Methods.

Step 2: Click Refund Credit.

Step 3: Upon your refund summary being displayed, click Proceed to continue.

Additional Information

  • To process a refund, the funds need to be added via an active Credit Card on Easyship, not through PayPal or a bank transfer.

  • Easyship can only refund up to the amount maximum amount processed on the platform per Payment Method. E.G. If you only used your Credit Card to pay $20 but you have $30 on your balance we can only refund your card up to $20. The remainder must be processed manually by the Easyship team.  

  • Refunds will be issued to the most recently used primary card. 

  • It is not possible to specify a refund amount. Each refund request will process the entire account balance.

  • Processing times for refunds will take approximately 5 working days. 

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