Billing Information and Transaction History

You have access to your complete transaction history including receipts, invoices, and credit notes directly from the Dashboard. This article explains how to access and download all billing-related information. 

Billing Navigation 

Step 1: Navigate to Account > Billing.

Step 2: Switch tabs to access various invoice types such as Transactions, Invoices, Credit Notes, and Receipts. 


The Transactions page displays transactions from newest to oldest, starting with the Date. The transaction Type specifies whether the amount was debited or credited. Reference No. refers to the Easyship ID. Description specifies the destination country, receiver, and courier service. Lastly, the Amount and Balance at the time of the transaction are displayed.

Note: This can also be done via the Easyship Mobile App where you can monitor your transactions on the go. For more information about using the App please visit our Easyship Mobile App help center article.


Invoices detail weekly transaction summaries.

Credit Notes

Credit notes detail refunds in weekly batches. Refunds include canceled shipments, shipping credit, positive adjustments, etc. 


Receipts possess official transactional information on every payment made.


View your month-to-month/annual subscription transactions, and download invoices. 

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