How to Restrict a Team Members Access to the Easyship Dashboard

The Easyship team member permissions feature enables account owners to customize access levels for individual team members within the Easyship dashboard, controlling which pages and functionalities are accessible.

Overview of Permissions for Team Members

Account owners can assign specific permissions to team members to manage workflow and protect sensitive information. There are eight permissions available, each corresponding to a unique area of the dashboard.

Available permissions:

Permission name


Subscription and billing

Add and manage payment methods, manage your subscription, access to invoices

Create shipments

Get a quote, add and import shipments, modify shipments, purchase labels

Manage shipments

Print labels and other shipping documents, manage pickups, track and troubleshoot shipments, manage returns, cancel shipments

Account & Settings

Printing settings, insurance, box settings, couriers, addresses, company profile, tracking emails and more

Product listing

View, add and manage products

Shipping rules

View, add and manage shipping rules


View, add and manage connected platform integrations


Access to Easyship Analytics and Insights


Change the Permissions For an Existing Team Member

Note: Only account owners can make changes to the permissions of a team member.

Step 1: Navigate to the Account > Team section of the dashboard.

Step 2: Select the team member you want to change the permissions for.

Step 3: Use the toggles in the 'Team Member's Permissions' section of the modal to disable any permissions you don't want the team member to access.


Add a New Team Member With Resisted Permissions

Note: Only account owners can add new team members 

Step 1: Navigate to the Account > Team section of the dashboard and click 'Add new member' in the top right.

Step 2: Enter the email address of the team member you wish to add.

Step 3:  Use the toggles in the 'Team Member's Permissions' section to disable any permissions you don't want the team member to access to, then click 'Send Invite'.

Step 4: Your team members will receive the invitation in their email inbox. Once they accept the invitation and log in, their experience will be limited based on the assigned permissions.

To learn more about adding team members, check out this guide.




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