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BackerKit is a crowdfunding tool that will help you collect surveys, increase pledge amounts, handle email support, and directly integrate with Easyship for seamless fulfillment. This article will run you through the connection process.

Connecting Backerkit to Easyship

Step 1: Navigate to Connect > New integration. Scroll down and select API Integration.


Step 2: Input the integration name as BACKERKIT and hit Connect. Note: It is important to name the integration as "Backerkit" because the Easyship system will automatically open up a higher API call threshold for all Backerkit clients to transit large amounts of data. The Easyship system will recognize this through the naming convention of API integration as BACKERKIT.


Step 3: An Access Token will be generated.


Step 4: Copy this code and head over to the Fulfillment section of BackerKit. Then click Connect to Services > Add New Connection.

When you are asked to select an integration service, click Easyship, then add the token and save.


BK3 (1).png

Step 5: Next, you will need to ensure the following points are aligned between your Backerkit and Easyship so they can talk to each other and transfer data between the platforms properly. 

  • On Backerkit under “SKU” (Under “More” — SKU), creators need to make sure that the Custom Value for all shippable items is filled. It can not be “0”.unnamed (17).png
  • On Easyship,  Creators must upload all shippable SKUs into the “Product listing” (Easyship — Product Listing) with dimensions and weights filled as well as the product category of the SKUs. The Easyship SKUs must match the SKUs on Backerkit. The “Product Description” on Easyship must match the “Item Name” on Backerkit. The weights also need to match as well between the SKUs from Backerkit and Easyship. unnamed (18).png

    Once complete, you will be able to integrate your orders with Easyship.

    Backerkit is a push integration which means the order management will need to be processed on the BackerKit side.

    unnamed (19).png

    If you want to import your orders via CSV instead of a direct integration: see our article here.
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