Streamlined Shipment Actions with Speed Dials: A Comprehensive Guide

The Speed Dials feature is designed to make your shipment management smoother and more efficient. It brings together several enhancements that simplify the process of taking action on shipments, reducing manual effort and improving overall efficiency.

In this article, we’ll delve into the key enhancements offered by the Speed Dials feature and how they collectively contribute to an improved shipment management process.


Single Shipment Action from Shipment List

Performing shipment actions has never been easier. With Speed Dials, you can now perform a single shipment action directly from the shipment list page. No need to navigate to a separate page – this streamlined process saves you time and effort.

To take advantage of this enhancement:

  • Go to the “Manage Shipments” section.
  • Locate the desired shipment in the list.
  • Access the dropdown action list within the shipment entry.
  • Choose and execute the required action from the dropdown.




Disabled Action and Reason Display

Understanding the status of your shipments is crucial. Speed Dials feature introduces enhanced transparency by displaying disabled cancel and return label actions for individual shipments, along with the reasons behind their disablement. This empowers you to make informed decisions independently, reducing reliance on customer support and promoting self-service efficiency.

To view disabled actions and their reasons:

  • Hover over the disabled action icon, specifically for cancel and return label actions.
  • A tooltip will appear, providing insights into why the action is disabled.



Shipment Action Grouping in Shipment Details

Organize your workflow effortlessly with grouped shipment actions in the shipment details page. All available shipment actions are conveniently grouped at the top of the page, providing easy access to a centralized location.

To access grouped shipment actions:

  • Open the shipment details page for the desired shipment.
  • Find all available actions neatly organized at the top of the page.




Utilizing Speed Dials Effectively

To maximize your efficiency while using the Speed Dials feature, follow these simple steps:

  1. Locate Shipment Actions:
  • In the “Manage Shipments” section, identify the dropdown action list for each shipment.
  • This list contains available shipment actions and any disabled actions.
  1. Understanding Disabled Actions:
  • Hover over disabled actions, particularly cancel and return label actions, to reveal disablement reasons.
  1. Access Shipment Details:
  • Open the shipment details page to find grouped shipment actions at the top.
  • These grouped actions ensure quick and easy navigation within a centralized location.

With Speed Dials, managing your shipments efficiently becomes second nature. Whether you’re handling bulk actions on the left-hand side or using the new single shipment action functionality on the right-hand side, you’ll experience a streamlined and intuitive way to manage your shipments.

We hope this guide helps you make the most of the Speed Dials feature. If you have any questions or need further assistance, our support team is here to help!


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