Automatic Next Pickup Request

At Easyship, we understand that scheduling pickups for your shipments can be a frustrating process, especially when failed pickup requests due to the pickup service availability can cause unnecessary delays and headaches for our users.


Our automatic next pickup request retries feature will automatically retry pickup requests in the next available time slot or date if the request of preferred pickup time and date is failed. This feature will help to find the earliest possible pickup time and date, without requiring you to manually reschedule and find the available one.


The automatic pickup request retries feature offers several benefits for our users, including:

- Increased efficiency: With automatic retries, you don't need to spend time manually rescheduling the pickup, which can be especially helpful if you're managing multiple shipments with different pickup locations

- Improved reliability: By automatically retrying pickup requests in the next available time slot or date, the feature helps to ensure that your shipment will be picked up as early as possible, reducing the risk of delays or having no pickup arranged.

- Enhanced transparency: You'll be notified of the automatic retries and the new pickup time slot or date, which helps you to plan accordingly and stay informed about the status of your pickup, even for the latest pickup arrangement.

Step-by-step guide

Here's how to use the automatic pickup request retries feature:

1. Submit your pickup request as usual, including the requested pickup time slot and date.

2. If the requested time slot is unavailable, the system will automatically retry the request in the next available time slot or date.

3. You'll receive an email notification of the new pickup time slot or date, which is resulting from the automatic retry, so you can plan accordingly and ensure that your shipment is ready for pickup.






What if no pickup is available after retrying the next pickup time slot and date:

You will see the “Pickup request failed” status. We will suggest you reschedule your pickup manually and try a different time slot and date.


Otherwise, if you have any questions or feedback about our automatic next pickup request retries feature, please don't hesitate to contact our support team. We're always here to help!





  • So far, the feature is available for UPS, Australia only
  • It will not retry all the pickup time slots and dates, but only the next pickup time slot and date
  • It will not retry the pickup time slot and date earlier than the preferred time slot and date


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