How to Redirect Shipments

Some couriers allow you to redirect shipments to alternate addresses. Though redirection requests can be accepted, they are not guaranteed. 

This article runs through which couriers accept redirection requests, how to request them, and other relevant information on the topic. 

Couriers That Support Redirection 

Easyship categorizes shipments by tracking. Any service with an Excellent tracking level supports redirection requests. Redirection to another country is not accepted.

As a rule of thumb, most of the below courier services support domestic redirection requests:

  • UPS
  • DHL Express (not including DHL eCommerce)
  • FedEx (not including FedEx Cross Border)

How to Request Redirection 

Easyship User: Contact the 24/7 support team, with the updated address and tracking number. 

Non-Easyship User: Contact the courier support directly with the updated address and tracking number. 

Note: Redirection fees apply (in the range of 15 - 35 USD). 

How to Redirect Postal Shipments

Though you cannot redirect postal shipments to a specific address, it is possible for the consignee (receiver) to request a postal pickup, and the provider will accommodate a different post office than what is in the area of delivery. However, this varies depending on the postal solution. It is, however, always worth a shot!

To do this: Have the consignee contact the customer support team of the postal service, and ask them to hold the shipment for pick up at a location of your choice. Easyship support cannot assist with postal requests, as they must be initiated by the receiver. 

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