What is Batching in Shipping?

This article will define Batching and mention how you can organize shipments on Easyship.

What Does Batching Mean?

Think of batching shipments as simply grouping orders to keep track of them. For example, if you fulfill all Wednesday's orders simultaneously, you can batch them together and monitor delivery. 

How to Organise Your Shipments on Easyship

You can organize shipments in various ways on Easyship. A few examples are below:

Tags are a great way to organize and automate specific orders and shipments. Any tags associated with an order on Shopify will automatically sync to Easyship. This article breaks down everything you can do with tags on Easyship.

Easyship automatically groups generated shipments into folders on your dashboard. The folders are as follows: Manage All Shipments, Pending Shipments, Rejected Shipments, and To-Download.

Use detailed filters on the Manage Shipments page to search for shipments based on certain criteria. 



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