Manage Shipments Guide

This article provides an overview of the Manage Shipments section of the dashboard. 

Video Guide

Topics covered in the video:

  • How to use filters to find specific shipments
  • How to print shipping documents to prepare for the courier handover
  • How to track your shipments that are in progress
  • How to fix rejected labels that occur from time-to-time

Manage All Shipments

In the Manage Shipments > All section of the dashboard, you will see all shipments regardless of generation status (Label Pending, Label Rejected, To Download). Note that you can use the filters function to find shipments that meet specific criteria. 

Manage Pending Shipments

Easyship generates your shipping labels by sending information to the selected courier. It should only take a few seconds but in some cases, there can be delays. In which case, the shipment will be marked as "Pending". If the label is stuck in the pending section for more than 30 minutes, please reach out to and we will contact the courier to investigate the reason for the delay.

Manage Rejected Shipments

When shipments are created, information is sent to a courier partner, and a label is provided in return. However, sometimes the data provided is rejected. This results in failed label generation. For an in-depth guide on troubleshooting Rejected Shipments, we've created a specific article: Manage Rejected Shipments

Manage To-Download Shipments

When shipments are created and ready for download, they will go to the Manage Shipments > To-Download section of the dashboard. 

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