Connect Your Matahari Mall Store

Matahari Mall is an Indonesian eCommerce platform that is used to sell fashion, health & beauty, electronics, home appliances, and many other industries.

Before We Start

To successfully connect your Matahari Mall store to the Easyship platform, you will first need to have the following information ready:

  • Your API token - Information for getting this will be provided below in the section called How to Request a Token.

  • SellerCenter email - This is the email that you use to log into your SellerCenter account.

Should you already have this information, please skip ahead to the section called Integration Steps for Your Matahari Mall Store below.

How to Request a Token

In order to get an access token, you will need to send an email to and copy (CC) your Matahari Mall account manager.

In the email, you will need to only include your store name and ask for a Token to connect Matahari Mall to the Easyship platform.

You should get a response from MatahariMall within 24 hours. 

Integration Steps for Your Matahari Mall Store

Step 1: In the Easyship dashboard, go to Connect > New Integration and click on the Matahari Mall.

Step 2: To connect, first enter an appropriate store name for the store you are setting up.


Step 3: Afterward, enter your SellerCenter email, default product category, and API Token. Then click on Connect.


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