Understanding Shipment Tracking Statuses

To simplify the shipping experience, Easyship takes local courier statuses and categorizes them into general events. At the bottom of the Shipping Analytics page, you will see the status of current shipments in progress. 

In this article, we break down the most common simplified statuses and what they mean. 


Label Pending

A label in pending status indicates shipment data has been sent to the courier, and the label is currently pending generation. If a label is pending for more than 30 minutes, contact the support team for help. 

Label Rejected

A rejected label indicates that the courier refused the data provided. Rejected labels can usually be fixed without support intervention by reading the error message, however, if you aren't successful, contact support for assistance. More information on rejected labels can be found here

Label Ready

The label is ready to be printed and attached to the parcel.

Pickup/Drop Off In Progress

A pickup or drop-off for your generated shipment has been scheduled.

Pending Tracking Event 

The shipment is pending an initial tracking event, indicating it is pre-transit. 

Pending Pickup Confirmation

The courier has not confirmed the pickup request. This does not mean the request has failed but instead is pending. 

Tracking Info Received

This indicates the courier is monitoring tracking information for the shipment in their system. This is typically a pre-transit status. 

In Transit

Your parcel is in transit to the destination location. 

Out For Delivery 

The parcel has arrived at the destination and is out for delivery.

Delivery Expected (End of Updates)

This parcel is expected to be delivered without issue and no more tracking updates will be provided. 

Failed Delivery Attempts 

The courier was unable to deliver the parcel or contact the consignee to arrange delivery. The receiver should reach out and schedule a delivery or arrange a pickup from a local courier facility. 


There is an issue with the shipment that requires receiver/shipper attention.

Reasons for an Exception Status:

  • Stuck in customs 
  • Courier has tried multiple delivery attempts unsuccessfully
  • The parcel has been returned to the sender
  • Consignee refused to pay taxes and duties for import
  • Customs require additional documentation at the destination

If you have any questions, contact support@easyship.com


Q: Where do I find the local courier tracking with more in-depth tracking information?

A: In the "Manage Shipments" section of your dashboard, you can locate the hyperlinked Easy ID. Upon clicking the hyperlink, you will be brought to the trackmyshipment.co page with detailed tracking information. From there, you can also track it on the courier website on the top right-hand corner of the screen. 

Q: Are there any other simplified status updates?

A: Yes, there are, but these are the most common statuses to keep an eye out for. If you have questions about the meaning of other status updates, please reach out to our support team. 

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