Track Your DHL eCommerce Shipment

DHL eCommerce is a reliable and economical solution for international shipping. Due to the tracking level of these shipments, support won't be able to communicate with DHL eCommerce to request updates. However, a few tricks may help you obtain information on the shipment's whereabouts. 

How it Works

DHL eCommerce is what we call a Hybrid Shipping service. When a shipment generates, we provide a domestic label that brings the shipment to an Easyship facility to be processed, inspected, and handed over to the DHL eCommerce. 

Once handed over, DHL eCommerce will bring the parcel to the destination country and hand it over to the local postal service. 

How to Track

Before the shipment is handed over to DHL eCommerce, we suggest you track it on the Easyship dashboard. You will be able to see domestic updates and consolidation center events. When it is in the hands of DHL eCommerce, you will also be able to see updates directly on the Easyship tracking page.

If you are looking for more granular updates, you can track DHL eCommerce shipments on Once searched, you should find the local post tracking number on the right-hand side. The local post won't always be trackable on the postal tracking website. However, the consignee can contact their local post for updates/ to start an investigation. 


Note: Destination postal services are typically slow and do not provide much visibility. 

Shipments Originating in Singapore

You can find the tracking code by going into your dashboard and selecting the tracking link.


Since J&T Express is now arranging all pickups for DHL eCommerce in Singapore, you will see a corresponding J&T Express Tracking number similar to E000XXXXXXXX.
You then need to combine "SGAHX" + "E000XXXXXX", to track the shipment directly on the DHL eCommerce tracking page.

This means you would need to search for the tracking SGAHXE000XXXXXX to receive the results. 
Only using the J&T Express tracking number will unfortunately not work.

You can then see the DHL tracking in the upper right corner 



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