Create and Edit Webhooks

A Webhook is a way to be notified when an event has occurred. To create a webhook, you will need an endpoint URL to receive notifications on events that happen in your Easyship account.

How to Create a Webhook on Easyship

Step 1: Navigate to Connect > Webhooks.

Step 2: Click on Add new webhook. 

Step 3: Enter the details requested and click on Create.

mceclip2 (2).png

Step 4: After creating a new webhook, it will initially be set as Inactive.

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Step 5: Activate the webhook by clicking the Status toggle. You can also modify the event notifications you wish to receive. The secret key can be used to validate whether the notification is coming from Easyship. For more information, please visit the Easyship developer site

Step 6: Ensure the details are correct before selecting Save to update the webhook.

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Editing a Webhook

Step 1: To edit an existing webhook, select the webhook you would like to edit:



Step 2: Edit the details and select Save. You can also delete a webhook by selecting Delete.


NOTE: If you are working with an ES partner warehouse, make sure to consult your representative or reach out to support before making changes to the selected events.

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