Rates at Checkout Errors & Troubleshooting

Live shipping rates at checkout utilize saved product and box information from Easyship to produce accurate shipping prices for potential customers at the final step of the checkout process. 

This article aims to break down the categories of issues and describe how best to troubleshoot them. Let's categorize these problems into two main buckets: Shipping Rates Unavailable and Shipping Rate Discrepancy.

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Shipping Rates Unavailable 

Shipping Rates Unavailable refers to no options showing up on your store checkout; luckily, it is the most straightforward issue to fix. 

Step 1: Check if Shipping at checkout in store settings are activated (Connect > Store > Shipping at checkout).

Screenshot 2022-05-24 105530.png

Step 2: On your store, go to shipping zones, and ensure shipping rates are set up correctly (all services selected, and automatically show new services are chosen). If anything needs to be blocked, do it in Shipping Rules


mceclip0 (8).png

Step 3: Clean up and consolidate zones as much as possible, ideally with two (domestic and international). 

The more shipping zones with Easyship enabled, the easier it is to overlook a crucial setup aspect. Ideally, one should only create two zones, domestic and international; any other customizations can be added via the shipping rules in Easyship.

mceclip1 (5).png

Step 4: Check your shipping rules to see if they are too restrictive. Shipping rules translate to shipping rates at checkout. If you have rules that only use certain couriers, and those said couriers are unavailable, no options will dispaly. 

No rates available Shopify Easyship.jpg

Step 5: Delete the integration and start from scratch. 

After all the steps have been followed with no results, starting from scratch will almost do the trick. Disconnect Easyship, delete the shipping rates, and start over (the setup shouldn't take longer than a couple of minutes). 

Shipping Rate Discrepancy

Shipping rate discrepancy refers to orders syncing with differently priced couriers than what was paid for by the customer. It can result in your customer being undercharged or overcharged.

Potential factors include:

  • Missing product information or improper product download
  • Missing box information 
  • Inappropriate category (for example; Liquid or Battery) 

Starting with missing product and box information, ensure your downloaded products have accurate dimensions and weight saved. Shipping at checkout rely on data to work correctly, and product information is the foundation from which rates pull. 

Missing Product Information

Step 1: Check Product Listing for saved details. If any details are missing, please fill them in as accurately as possible. It typically includes dimensions, weight, and product category. 

Step 2: Ensure products are downloaded from the store and possess a product ID, a numerical combination in grey under the SKU. 

Saved product information correctly.png

Missing Box Information

The algorithm takes product information and assigns a saved box based on the product dimensions. Such information will then calculate shipping at checkout. 

Step 1: Check Settings > Boxes to ensure all your saved packaging is added (include empty box weight for 100% accuracy). 

Step 2:  Ensure Auto is on so the algorithm knows to select it at checkout. 

Saved boxes with auto selected .png

Improper Category 

Lastly, if you change a product category within an order, some couriers may not be available, meaning the rate the customer paid could be higher upon making the change. For instance, product categories containing batteries or liquids use limited courier services. 

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