How to Manage Multiple Stores on Easyship

The Easyship dashboard can integrate with any stores and sales channels related to your business. The process of fulfilling orders from multiple stores is straightforward. However, we'll include some tips to make the experience as seamless as possible. 

  • Auto Sync Orders: This can be turned on in your store settings, but it will reduce the manual work involved with syncing from multiple stores. 
  • Auto Sync Products: This can also be turned on in your store settings; it'll ensure that all added products sync to Easyship, regardless of the sales channel. Just be sure to update any missing information regularly. 
  • Use Filters: Filters are a great way to segregate or identify synced orders based on the sales channel and other criteria. Use the filter Store or Platform. More information: How to Filter Shipments
  • Multiple Brands: If you have various brands, we suggest creating separate Easyship accounts to tailor the customer email experience.
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