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This article will describe how to connect your FedEx account to Easyship . 

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Linking Your FedEx Account to Easyship

Navigate to the Couriers section of the dashboard, click Add new courier, then select FedEx

Step 1: Accept the EULA Agreement. 

Step 2: Input details for account verification. Clicking Submit will begin the validation process. This process will verify the details you have provided and if successful, will generate your credentials.

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Upon submitting the information requested for a successful connection, you may receive an error message. Ensure to review the following points:

  • Incorrect Account Number: Always make sure that the number input is correct, check with your FedEx Account Manager if unsure.

  • Wrong Format: There is also the possibility you have used the wrong format which may prevent integration.

  • Special Characters: remove any /, -, *, etc 

  • Incorrect State: There are occasions when using the country code in the State field can solve this issue.

  • Address Mismatch: This is the most common cause of failed integrations and occurs when the address provided does not match FedEx's record e.g. you've registered with a billing or shipping address that does not match what is entered on Easyship. This will result in either an Invalid Billing Address or an Invalid Server Error message. Please remember that after each failed attempt, you need to delete your account from Easyship and start the process again when entering a new address. If you struggle to find the address on your FedEx account, it can be found on FedEx Billing Online portal under MyOptions/Manage Payment Preferences:





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