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Easyship is a certified UPS Ready® provider. This integration will give you access to a broader range of UPS-only features and reduce connection issues.


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Linking Your UPS Account to Easyship


  1. Navigate to the Couriers section of the dashboard, click + Add new courier


  1. Select the Country your courier account is registered in


  1. Select UPS (Ready®Certified)


  1. Complete your account details:
    1. Add your Account Name - Nickname to identify your account within Easyship
    2. Add your Account number - 6 Character UPS shipper number


  1. You need to log in to your UPS account to verify your account details. The authentication process will lead you to the UPS login page.



Once this is completed your Account will be connected


You are now connected and can ship your own UPS rates on Easyship.


Should you encounter any difficulties, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team at



  • Need help finding your UPS account number?
    • Check your past invoices, log in to your UPS account online, or contact UPS customer support for assistance.
    • You can find your account number (shipper number) on the top right corner of your bill.




  • Here is how to Edit your UPS Account or simply change the Settings of the Pickup Fee or Handling Fee
    • Select your connected UPS account in the Couriers section of the Dashboard and edit where required, please save your changes.
  • 118.PNG
  • For more information on UPS boxes, check out the following Blog Post.


Q: Is Easyship part of UPS?

A: No, Easyship is not a subsidiary of UPS but a technology partner. Easyship offers UPS account integration and sells UPS services in-house. 

Q: Is it free to connect my UPS account to Easyship?

A: A plus plan is required to link your UPS account to Easyship.

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