Link Your DHL Express Account

This article will describe how to link your DHL Express account to Easyship. 

Before you start

Step 1: Register on the DHL Developer Portal

To proceed with the connection, you need to have an API Key, an API Secret and an Export Account Number that you can retrieve by registering to the DHL Developer Portal if you don't have one yet.

You can find your Export Account Number in your DHL Portal under My Shipment Setting. The account number has a 9 digits format.



Step 2: Fill the onboarding file to receive test credentials

Once you have registered, please fill out the onboarding form with your company data. 

At "How would you like to use the API?" inside the DHL registration page, you should select the option "I require credentials to DHL Express – MyDHL API for an existing plugin/ecommerce platform/third-party solution" and simply add Easyship.


Concerning the section called "Requested Services", please tick over all the services available (Rating*, Products*, Shipment*, Tracking*, Pickup*, Address Validation*). The field named "Transaction volume per month" is only useful to DHL for statistics purposes, therefore it won't influence you on the use of the API.

After you complete the registration, you will notify via email by DHL (RE: DHL Express - MyDHL API: Test access request). 


Once the test access request will be approved, you will receive a second email from DHL (RE: MyDHL API: Test access approved)



Step 3: Request Production Credentials

You can now check your DHL Developer profile where you should be able to see your App Status as approved.


Then, click on DHL EXPRESS – MYDHL API under App Name where you will Request Production Access on a red button. 







Once you click it, you will receive confirmation via email (RE: DHL Express - MyDHL API: Production access request) that the request has been sent within minutes and the local DHL team will need to approve it according to their timeline.


Your DHL account manager can help you to speed up the process. You can always contact us at for any issue or question. 

You will receive a final email from DHL confirming that you request has been approved. You can find your API Key and Secret in the MyDHL Portal than can be use to connect your account on Easyship. 


Step 4: Retrieve the production credentials to use them on Easyship


blobid5 (1).png



Connect your account

Navigate to the Couriers section of the dashboard, click Add new courier, choose the country where your DHL account is located, and select DHL Express.




Enter the Production Credentials provided by DHL and get connected with Easyship. You should have received them via email from DHL, if not you can find them in your developer dashboard (screenshot above). You can always refer to your DHL account manager to help you find the credentials. 


Once you've successfully entered all the information, the courier will be added. Note that Easyship does not know your contractual situation with the courier, which is why you'll be prompted to enter your pickup and DDP handling fees. If not provided, we will assume that your pickup fee is $0 and your DDP fee is HKD$100, US$10, Singapore$10, or AUD$10, depending on the country. This fee will automatically be added to your rates and quotations.


Changing Courier Settings

You may change courier settings or handling fees saved on your courier account. 

Step 1: Click on DHL Express under Your own courier accounts

Step 2: Change one of the following fields. 

Account Information

  • The Displayed Account Name


  • Pickup fee
  • DDP Handling fee


Common Connection Errors

  • Courier account could not be verified: Invalid Credentials.
  • Courier account could not be verified: Internal server error. Please contact

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