How to Declare Products That Contain Liquids and Batteries

In this article, we will go over the two ways to declare your products contain liquids and/or batteries.

Easyship category 

Among Easyship categories, there are some choices such as Accessory (with battery), Mobile Phone, Tablet, Health and Beauty, etc, which are set to contain batteries or liquids by default.

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HS Code 

When using HS Code, you can provide more details and declare if the product contains liquid and battery.

A new section called “Item declaration” will be shown after choosing any HS Code. Then, you can declare the liquid and battery (and what kinds of battery).



  • Yes/No


  • Ion Battery Packed with Equipment (UN3481-PI966)
  • Ion Battery Contained in Equipment (UN3481-PI967)
  • No


Also, it supports uploading product CSV templates as follows.

The acceptance value for:


  • Yes/No


  • PI966
  • PI967
  • No

Create shipments by importing the product (with HS Code and item declaration)

After setting up the product in your product listing with HS Code and item declaration, it can be used in creating a shipment. It supports Basic>Create Shipment, Advance>Create shipment (CSV upload and sync order).


  • Search and import the product SKU
  • Create the shipment with the product details (such as HS Code, Country of Origin and contain liquid/battery)hs4.jpghs5.jpg

Advanced (CSV):

  • Declare the product in the CSV template (Easyship template only)
  • Edit the Contain liquid and contain battery column (Optional field)
  • After uploading the CSV, only products with HS Codes can be declared if they contain a liquid/battery


Advanced (Sync):

  • To sync the item declaration details, it has to be created in the Product Listing page first
  • When you sync the order from your sales platform, the system will consider the product in the Easyship Product Listing by matching the product SKUhs7.jpg

How do you benefit from item declaration when using HS Code

When you use HS Code, with the help of “Contain liquid” and “Contain battery”, it will filter which courier supports shipping liquid and battery and generate the relevant shipping documents according to your item declaration.


Now, you are enabled to have the flexibility to declare the item details either with Easyship Category or HS Code.

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