Adding and Editing Products

The Products Listing function allows you to upload and save all of your product information (SKU, category, dimensions, etc). This guide will show you the three different methods of uploading your product information. If you have a store connected, we highly suggest syncing products from the store instead of manually adding them to avoid potential system communication issues. 

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Sync Products From Store (Recommended)

Once a store is connected, navigate to Product Listing

Step 1: Click Add Products > Sync From Store. 

image (8).png

Step 2: Select your store. 


Step 3: Click Sync from store. 


Turning on Auto Sync for Your Products

To avoid constantly updating newly added products, turn on Auto-Sync. 

Step 1: Go to Connect > *your store* > Products. Under Products click Settings. 

Step 2: Toggle the Product Sync to On.



Add Products Manually On-site

Step 1: Go to Product Listing > Add products > Manual Input.

Screenshot 2020-04-10 at 11.20.38 AM.png

Step 2: Fill in all product fields and click Save, 


image (9).png

You will be redirected to the product listing page where you can view all of your newly added products and make amendments if need be.

image (10).png

Upload Products From a Spreadsheet Template

To upload your products directly via spreadsheet, go to Product Listing > Add Products > Import From File.

Step 1: Go to Add Shipments > Import from file. 


Step 2: Click Download a Blank CSV Template.


Step 3: Add information accordingly and save the file.

image (11).png

Step 4: Re-upload. 


Note: when entering information, the category must match the format on Easyship. For instance, Accessory (no-battery) or Fashion. Products added manually will NOT sync to your store at checkout

Note: Products added manually will not sync to your store when using Checkout. 

 Feel free to contact if you run into any issues. 

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