Avoid Shipping Delays: How to Find a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for Your Products


What is a Safety Data Sheet (SDS)?

An SDS (also known as Material/Product Safety Data Sheet MSDS/PSDS) is like a guide to a product's potential hazards. This document also contains essential guidance on the safe handling, use, storage, and disposal of the product.

Why are SDS important?

  • They help identify dangerous ingredients and how to handle them safely
  • They show if a product is classified as Dangerous Goods (DG) for shipping
  • An SDS may still be needed even if your product is not classified as hazardous but contains small amounts of a hazardous substance (e.g. batteries, magnets, liquids, gas etc)

Key information in an SDS

The most essential information on an SDS is Section 14 - Transport Information. This states whether a product is considered dangerous by UN standards and the latest IATA DGR Edition regulations. The below basic information must also be shown on an SDS:

  • Company Name 
  • Product Name
  • Date of Issue
  • Company Stamp
  • Section 14 - Transport Information
  • Latest IATA DGR Edition Statement

NOTE: Please send an SDS to our client support team - support@easyship.com before shipping dangerous goods for approval

How to find an SDS

  • Contact the product manufacturer: They are legally required to provide one
  • Even non-hazardous products may need an SDS: Check with the manufacturer before shipping if unsure


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