Royal Mail Manifest

When using your Royal Mail linked services, there are occasions where you will be required to manually download and provide the Manifest for your shipments.

If your shipments are due to be collected before 6 pm, you can generate a downloadable PDF to provide to the handler. 

Any shipments that are not manifested by 6 pm will be automatically manifested by Royal Mail and will not be included in the next manifest you generate. To generate a manifest, go to your dashboard and select Manage Shipments. Head to MORE and select Generate Manifest:


You can then select your handover date based on your shipments:


Then you are able to download the required PDF:


For more assistance in doing this, you can use our Filters and search via Manifests:


NOTE: Royal Mail services on Easyship will not reflect the discounted rates associated with your account. The rates shown will be standard rates. To review the actual cost of your labels, you will need to refer to your Royal Mail invoice.

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