Marking Shipments as Delivered

This article will explain how the manually update the status of a delivered shipment that has not yet been updated via the Easyship dashboard. 

Note: This option will only be available when the shipment status is as follows:

  • In Transit

  • Out for Delivery

  • Unsuccessful Delivery Attempt

  • Exception

  • To be returned

  • No Recent Tracking Updates

  • Lost by Courier

Step 1: Navigate to Manage Shipment>All 

Step 2: Open the shipment details by clicking on the 3 dots found on the right-hand side of the shipment

Step 3: Below the Status History section, click “Mark As Delivered”


Step 4: A confirmation alert will be displayed, click “Mark As Delivered” within the alert window


Step 5: The shipment status will now be changed to delivered and should be displayed as such via the dashboard and tracking page. 



NOTE: Once you mark the shipment as Delivered, no further updates will be received. This process cannot be reverted and will change the available actions to match that of a delivered shipment. 




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