Manage Rejected Shipments

When creating a shipment on Easyship, the system sends information to the courier and requests label generation. Occasionally, the courier will decline the request, resulting in a rejected label. 

This article will discuss some methods of fixing rejected labels on Easyship, providing some common examples. 

Editing Rejected Shipping Labels

When a label fails to generate, it will appear in the Manage Shipments section of the Easyship Dashboard on the left-hand column under Rejected.

Step 1: Navigate to Manage Shipments > Rejected found on the left-hand side of the Easyship Dashboard.

You will notice that there is a rejected label notification on the left side.

Step 2: Find the shipment you need to edit and click the Edit Shipment button.



Step 3: Take note of the error shown at the top of the screen and make the relevant corrections below.


Step 4: Click the green Update in the bottom right-hand corner to apply your changes.



Note: If you change the destination, dimensions, or weight, the rate will be recalculated and you may be required to pay an additional fee to cover the increase in charges.
If the weights or dimensions are decreased, you will be refunded the difference back to your Easyship account. If you are unable to locate the issue, please use the report link at the bottom of the edit page.

Reporting Rejected Labels

There may be times when you have trouble fixing the label or are unsure what the error message means. In these cases, you can report it directly to Easyship, and a team member will fix it for you. Note that you will only receive an email follow-up on these reports if we cannot fix the label.

Step 1: Navigate to Manage Shipments > Rejected found on the left-hand side of the Easyship Dashboard.


Step 2: Find the shipment you need to edit and click the Edit Shipment button.


Step 3: At this point, you'll see an error you may not be familiar with. If you aren't able to identify the error or fix the label, you can scroll down to the bottom of the Edit page and select the following link:



Step 4: Write a brief description of the issue and select the Submit button.



Step 5: Our team has now been notified. The shipment status will be changed to Reported, and our team will work on fixing it. You'll see the shipment show up in the To Download section when it's been fixed.

Example Error Messages

Note: These error codes are what Easyship will show in the Dashboard, and not all errors are included in the examples below. If you have trouble understanding the error, contact our customer service team.

  • "Invalid recipient postal no/zip code"

    The courier rejected the label in this example due to an invalid postal code.

    However, upon further review, it seems that the postal code is actually correct:


    In this case, we are just missing a small detail. A space is required in the correct place:
    S7T1C9 → S7T 1C9

  • "Consignee phone is required"

    This means that a local phone number is required for the receiver. The courier can contact the recipient to arrange delivery or customs clearance if needed.

  • "Missing or invalid element: From Phone"
    In this case, the sender's phone number is invalid, or it is not a local number. Update the phone number associated with your default sender address in the Account > Addresses section of the Easyship Platform.

  • "Destination: Suburb/City/Postcode is not valid"

    The receiver's City, State, or Postal code is invalid. You may need to contact your customers to confirm their addresses. Once you've confirmed the address, simply edit the rejected label from the 'Manage Shipments' section.

  • "Receiver's address is too long. Please make sure each address line does not exceed 35 characters."

    Sometimes the courier restrictions can be very strict when it comes to addresses. Be sure to trim the address text to a minimum in each line ("Address line 1", "Address line 2"). You can try to spread out the content over the two lines. Be careful not to use too many abbreviations for street (St), Avenues (Ave), as some couriers do not handle them well.

  • "Invalid or missing sold to the phone number. Valid length is 1 to 15 alphanumeric."

    "sold to" will refer here to the receiver's phone number. It might be too long in this case.


Q: Do all rejected labels have error messages?

A: No, as Easyship integrates with various couriers, some of the error messages may not be mapped in our system. However, we are constantly working on improving the messaging and troubleshooting process. 

Q: How long can I expect a response/solution once my shipment has been reported?

A: We realize how important fulfillment time is and always aim to resolve the error or respond with steps on how to fix it within 24 hours. 

Q: What do I do if I repeatedly see a similar issue?

A: Easyship support can help contextualize the issue and send your feedback to our tech team. 


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