What Is a Manifest in Shipping

This article provides an overview of shipping manifest generation on Easyship. 

What is a Manifest

A manifest or scan form is a document generated by couriers containing shipment information. Commonly used when generating multiple shipments at once, manifest documents enable a seamless handover process between the shipper and courier.

An example of this is a USPS Manifest / Scan form

For example, 20 USPS shipments are created on Easyship, by generating a manifest, a single document is created possessing information on all 20 shipments. Upon handover to USPS, a single manifest is scanned enabling every shipment to be processed at once. Without such a manifest, couriers are required to scan each shipment individually. 


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Supported Couriers and Conditions

Couriers That Support Manifest Generation

  • Australia Post (Available for Australian Accounts)
  • USPS (Available for United States Accounts)
  • Royal Mail (Available for Great Britain Accounts)
  • Canada Post (Available for Canadian Accounts)

Conditions of Manifest Generation

  • Manifests must be generated on the same day as shipment creation
  • You can only generate a manifest for select couriers
  • When generating a manifest, all shipments must be associated with the same courier
  • You may not be able to select the handover date (typically the handover date is the same or the next day)

How to Generate a Manifest

When shipments are created, generate a manifest in the Manage Shipments section of the dashboard. Select shipments to manifest, and click Actions > Generate Manifest. Depending on the courier, manifests will differ. Find articles pertaining to manifest generation per supported service below:

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