Schedule and Reschedule Pickups

Most couriers on Easyship provide pickup services. During shipment creation, you can schedule a pickup on a specific date and timeslot. Additionally, you can reschedule the pickup for a previously created shipment. This article references how to schedule and reschedule pickups on the dashboard. 

Schedule a Pickup During Shipment Creation

After selecting a courier during shipment creation, select Schedule a pickup, and choose your date and time slot. Then proceed to click Next

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Reschedule a Pickup on Pickups Page

Step 1:  Navigate to the Pickups section of the dashboard. 

Step 2: Identify the pickup you wish to reschedule and click the truck icon


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Step 3: Follow the prompts to reschedule by selecting the pickup time frame and clicking Next.

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Step 4:  Finalize pickup and click Confirm.

Reschedule a Pickup in Manage Shipments

Step 1: In the Manage Shipments section of the dashboard, locate and select the shipment you wish to reschedule.

Step 2: Proceed to click Actions > Reschedule pickup.

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Step 3: Schedule a pickup, and select your date and time slot under service options. Then proceed to click Next.  

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Confirm your pickup, and you're done!

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