What is a Missed Pickup and What You Should Do

Occasionally couriers miss a scheduled pickup time slot. We built our system to identify estimated no-shows so that you can seamlessly reschedule your pickup for the next available time slot.

What is a Missed Pickup

Our definition of a missed pickup is: a courier failing to show up for a successfully scheduled pickup request. Missed pickups can be due to various factors outside the control of Easyship and its users. 

How to Identify a Missed Pickup

Of course, you will be able to recognize when a courier does not show up for a pickup. However, the dashboard will also realize when a shipment within a pickup request is not in transit and will mark it as an estimated no-show. 

In the Pickups section of your dashboard, you can locate the Estimated courier no-show tab.



How to Reschedule a Pickup

Locate the pickup ID that needs to be rescheduled, click on the truck icon, and proceed to schedule a timeslot. 



Click Next and then Confirm. 

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