Understanding UPS Label Expiration Dates

When shipping packages using UPS, it's important to be aware of the expiration dates associated with UPS labels. In this article, we will explore key points regarding UPS label expiration dates, including their duration and the refund policy for unused labels.

Expiration Duration

UPS labels typically have an expiration period of 10 days from the date of creation. This means that once a label is generated, it must be used for shipping within 10 days to ensure its validity. After the expiration date passes, the label becomes invalid, and using it may lead to complications during the shipping process.

Refund Policy for Unused Labels

In cases where UPS labels are generated but remain unused, shippers will be eligible for a refund. Once the associated shipment is cancelled via the Easyship dashboard, the cost of shipping will automatically be credited back to the Easyship account within 10 business days. 

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