What Is an RMA Number?

This article outlines what an RMA Number is and how it's used. 

What Is an RMA Number

RMA stands for Return Merchandise Authorization and an RMA number is assigned to a product/order upon being returned by the customer to the merchant/vendor. 

How RMA Numbers Are Used

RMA numbers are used to identify a return shipment so fulfillment partners can record receipts, and update inventory, enabling the store owner to issue a refund or send a replacement to the buyer. 

Typically RMA numbers are associated with an RMA form that breaks down the specific information on what products are being returned and why, as well as the next steps (replace/refund). 

Why RMA Is Important

As volume increases, so do returns, and implementing organizational practices to improve the customer experience is essential. Everyone has their own processes, and returns can be handled in a variety of ways, but RMA data has become standard for high-volume eCommerce merchants. 

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