Our New Shipment Panel Feature Explained

The shipment side panel is a new way for users to seamlessly review shipment information from Create Shipments > Advanced. This article provides a walkthrough of how the feature works. 


Latest Updates in Beta! - June 2023

We are thrilled to announce that thanks to all your feedback we have improved your Shipment Panel on the Advanced Shipments page:

  1. Goodbye, view mode! Your shipments now open directly on edit mode for faster edits and fewer clicks to get things done. The Save button has been also conveniently placed at the top of the panel and saves all your changes at once.

  2. You have access to useful information about your shipment straight from the header of the panel

  3. You can ship your shipment directly from the panel with a button at the top of the panel

  4. We have been hunting down all the bugs and issues that were slowing down your shipping process

Want to try it out? Apply here for the Beta!

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In an effort to make the in-app experience more intuitive and seamless, we are excited to introduce the Shipment Panel, on Create Shipments (Advanced).

This panel will enable efficient viewing, editing, and navigation of multiple shipments. 

Kapture 2021-12-20 at 15.28.32.gif


Screenshot 2021-12-17 at 10.27.41 AM.png




Shortcut (Mac/Windows)

Go to the previous/next section in a shipment

← →

Go to previous/next shipment

↑ ↓

Close panel



⌘+S / CTRL+S

Edit (both sections)

⌘+E / CTRL+E

Panel Header

The header of the panel shows the order number, platform icon, and order creation date. You can navigate through the Order, Addresses, and Courier sections of a shipment using the tabs located on the header. The arrows on the right side are used to navigate between different shipments on the list. 

Order Section

The Order section shows the Order Summary, Boxes, and Products. Click Edit to make any changes to the order section. 

Addresses Section

The Addresses section consists of the sender and receiver addresses. You can add a new sender address or choose from an existing one. Similarly, you can input the receiver's address or make any changes in case of missing data from the customer. 

Courier Section

The Courier section displays shipping services based on the order details and addresses. While the customer's pick on the store is selected by default, you can change the courier selection before shipping the order. When editing the Order or Addresses section, upon saving, the courier rates will recalculate. 


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