Important Dates in Shipping

In the shipping world, various terms refer to specific shipping events and dates. This article will reference and define these terms. 

What Is a Ship Date?

Typically, a processing time is specified at checkout when placing an order. In some cases, an exact ship-out date is mentioned.

The ship-out date, otherwise known as the fulfillment date, is when the parcel is handed over to the courier by the seller to begin transit. From the ship-out date, the expected transit period begins.

What Is the Estimated Delivery Time?

The Estimated Delivery Time, otherwise known as Delivery Lead Time (DLT), refers to the time it takes for the parcel to deliver. This time frame does not include fulfillment processing.

 What Is a Pickup Date?

Once a pickup is scheduled, the courier will reference the date they will collect it from the shipper. The Estimated Delivery time frame will begin once the pickup is complete. 

What Is the Order Creation Date?

The order creation date refers to the date and time the buyer has placed the order via the sales platform. 

What Is the Return Date?

The return date is when the seller receives a returned parcel. Depending on the terms of return, this date usually coincides with a replacement or refund. 

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