Shipment Status: Exception

Easyship will change the status of a shipment to an exception when issues occur during transit. 


Types of Exception Statuses

  • Stuck in customs 

In such cases, we suggest the receiver reach out to the local courier for clearance instructions. 

  • Courier has tried multiple delivery attempts unsuccessfully

The receiver should contact the local courier support to reschedule delivery or request a pick-up at a nearby post office. 

  • The courier has rejected the parcel

For some reason, the courier has rejected the parcel. It will return to the sender. 

  • The parcel has returned to the sender

The tracking status indicates the shipment will be returned to the sender. 

  • Consignee refused to assist with the import

The receiver refused to pay duty and taxes/ or provide the information required for customs clearance. 

  • Customs require additional documentation

The receiver should contact the courier directly to provide relevant documents. If the sender wrongly declares their products' value, they may receive an email from Easyship support. 

If you do not understand why a shipment is showing an exception status, please contact the Easyship customer service directly to request further information and instructions. 

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