Handover Service Options (Pick Up/Drop Off)

In the final stages of shipment creation on Easyship, you will be prompted to select a handover option of either Pickup or Drop-off. In this article, we break down how to facilitate the handover process. 

We'll Cover:


With this option, you will drop the shipment off at the courier's local office or depot. You will be shown the drop-off location when you choose this option in Easyship.



When you schedule a pickup, the courier will collect the parcel from your default pickup address within the date and timeslot you have chosen in Easyship. The time slots presented are the ones we are able to accommodate with the courier. If you wish to get a more specific time slot you will need to contact the courier directly.  


Note: Some courier services may charge pick-up fees and it will be clearly displayed when you schedule the pickup. If you have Checkout enabled, you can include the pickup fee in the overall cost of the shipment in your checkout settings.

Don't hesitate to contact support@easyship.com with any questions you may have. 

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