Connect Your Magento 2 Store

You can sync your unfulfilled orders from Magento to Easyship with one click of a button.

We will capture information such as your customer's name and address and you can proceed to generate a label. Once a label is generated, the tracking number will automatically go back to your Magento store and create a shipment for your order and will include a tracking number as well as a tracking URL.

You will be able to display our rates for your customers to choose from, in order to increase your conversion rate.

We will show a maximum of 3 options: the cheapest, fastest, and best value for money. The rates displayed will be depending on your customer’s address and the weight and size of the items within the shopping cart.

Your customers will not only be able to see courier options but will also be able to see tax & duty information and delivery time.

You will have the ability to select which courier solutions It will be available for your customers to choose from.


To connect Easyship with Magento 2, follow these steps. 

Installing the Plugin

1. First, go to the Find Partners & Extensions tab and visit the Magento Marketplace

Easyship Puglin in Magento Marketplace
2. When in the Marketplace, add the Easyship app and select your current store version, we recommend that you always are running the latest version! 
Easyship App to Connect to Magento 2


3. Select the correct edition and store version and continue with the purchase, during this you will have some steps which you need to follow to finalize the installation. Please read each part carefully during setup. 

Once done, you will need to go to your Magento Home screen and run the Component Manager. 

 Running the Component Manager

1. Log in to the Magento Admin with an Administrator account. 
2. Click System - Web Setup Wizard to see the following page

Magento 2 Setup Wizard


3. Click System Configuration
4. If you have not already, enter your authentication keys in the provided fields. 

Magento 2 System Configuration


5. Click Save Config
6. Go back to Component Manager and continue with Manage your Components.

To Setup the Plugin

To set up the plugin, go to Stores and then click Configuration available under the Settings.

Magento 2 Store Configuration


Once in Configuration, you find Easyship in the tabs on the left, which should list your available stores to activate the plugin on. Click "activate plugin". 

Integrate Magento 2 with Easyship Plugin

In the next steps, you need to create an Easyship account or log in to a current one. 
Fill in the required information and go through the registration flow, and you will be all set. 

Create an Easyship Account to Connect Magento 2 Store





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