Reschedule Pickup / Schedule a different pickup

If for any reason a pickup is not made or if you wish to reschedule a pickup to a different time or day you can directly do this from the Dashboard. 
First, navigate to the Manage Shipment Section
1. Navigate to any Manage Shipments section
2. Select one or multiple shipments (It is not possible to reschedule the following statuses: rejected label, in transit already, cancelled or delivered)
3. Open the dropdown "More" at the top right of the screen (next to the "Docs" button) and click "Reschedule Pickup"
4. Next steps will be to schedule a new pickup day & time and/or handover options. Please take note that some couriers may add a surcharge to the pickups which may be applicable in this step. 
If you wish to dispute this charge due to a failure of the courier, please contact our customer service team referencing your ShipmentID/ES-Code/Tracking#. 

5. Once you have continued to the next step, you will see a summary of any additional charges.
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