DHL Ecommerce Tracking

DHL Ecommerce is an economical way to ship your parcels to their destination.
DHL Ecommerce arranges for your parcel to be delivered to the destination country via DHLs logistics network and final mile delivery is done by the local postal service in the destination country.

Recipients will need to contact the local postal service to inquire about their shipments. To do so, they need a specific reference-code or tracking# which is recognized by the local post.

In this article you can find guidance on how to get the corresponding postal service tracking# for shipments from the following countries;




Hong Kong, United States and Australia shipments

You can find the tracking# of DHL Ecommerce click on the tracking link in your dashboard here;

You will then see the following page and the full tracking#.

Once you have this written down, you can visit DHL Ecommerce tracking page located here:
Once entered, you can see the tracking# of the local postal service to the far right.




Singapore shipments

You can find the tracking code by going into your Dashboard and clicking the tracking link.

Since SimplyPost is now arranging all pickups for DHL Ecommerce in Singapore, you will see a corresponding SimplyPost Tracking number similar to E000XXXXXXXX.
You then need to combine "SGAHX" + "E000XXXXXX", to track the shipment directly on DHL Ecommerce tracking page

Meaning you would need to search for the tracking SGAHXE000XXXXXX to receive any results. 
Only using the SimplyPost tracking# will unfortunately not work.

You can then see the DHL tracking in the upper right corner similar to the below example


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